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My story begins when I graduated high school.


I immediately began my college career as a pre-med student. Once done with my undergrad degree  in Exercise Physiology, I got accepted to medical school.


Halfway through my journey to become a doctor I realized that helping people was a priority and a passion for me but achieving this through becoming a doctor was not filling that void for me.

So I quit medical school. But before quitting medical school I kept asking myself, what is my passion? What do I like to do in my spare time and what can I see myself doing for the rest of my life?




Food was always the common ground in my house. It was the glue that held our family together every night and on weekends, when my mom and my grandmother cooked home meals that to this day makes me realize why I made the decision I made.

I then went to school to become a Chef. I graduated from LeCordon Bleu and then my career took off.


I often wondered how could I mix my two passions together. How could I integrate cooking and helping people at the same time?


Primitive Nutrition was my answer.


I decided to start this company because it met my criteria on what living a meaningful life was. Helping people achieve their goals for weight control, aesthetics, or overall great health filled that void and brought together two of my most important meanings in life, cooking delicious meals for you to enjoy, all while making you and your family healthier.


Thank you in advance from all of us here at Primitive Nutrition and I hope you enjoy our “Meals that Heal”.

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