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 Healthy Habits, Made Easy. 

Delivered Fresh!

Eating clean the Primitive Box way

Take control of your diet with healthy delivered  meals to you doorstep

How Primitive Box Works

Hurry, we've just added extra delivery days 

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Our chefs create recipes and manages all the details.


We do all of the prepping and cooking for you. Meals are delivered and prepared ready to eat


Heat in the oven or microwave. Enjoy the extra hour you saved yourself 

We take Out the Guesswork

Each week we craft a menu you'll receive of fresh paleo-approved meals that are nutritionally balanced and taste great.

Zero Shopping, Chopping or Cleanup

Skip the grocery store, meal prep, cooking, and even dishes. We take care of it all so you can have dinner on the table every night in just 3 minutes. 

Nutritious, Delicious and Convenient

All of our fresh meals contain no artificial preservatives or added refined sugars. After trying Primitive Box, you’ll love the way it feels to eat nutrient-rich, gluten-free meals

Meals Delivered to your Door

As soon as we cook our meals, we send them to you fresh (not frozen) in a chilled box. All you have to do is heat, eat, and figure out what to do with all your newfound free time.


Starting at $10.90 per Serving

Step 1: Choose a Plan


Paleo is an utterly-simple way of eating that promotes countless health benefits and unmatched results! Free of refined sugars, starchy vegetables, grains, legumes & added chemicals.

Starting at $7.75 / Serving


When counting macros, you’re not meant to be depriving your body; you’re meant to be feeding it ideal nutrition that makes it more efficient.  Our meals will help you make smart food choices, we do the hard work for you.

Starting at $8.50 / Serving

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Jumping into the ketogenic diet without a rock-solid plan will set you up for failure. These meals have been crafted by researchers and athletes who have done the work and made the switch already!

Starting at $8.50 / Serving


What's Inside a Primitive Box? 

Delicious, Chef Created Meals
Free From Refined Sugars
Perfectly Portioned
Quality Ingredients

Starting at $10.90 per Serving


Our clients will attest to the taste, health benefits and satisfaction of service.

Busy professional with little time to cook, loves the meals!

(Business Owner)

Three months after eating healthy with Primitive Nutrition my doctor took me off of the cholesterol medication.

(Heart-Attack Survivor)

I can't say enough about the flavor and taste of the food; it's hard to believe I am even eating healthy

(Elementary Teacher)

It's Time to Order!

Enjoy effortless weight loss, vibrant health and boundless energy with Primitive Nutrition


What should I know before I order? will I need?

Signing up is super easy, but here are 5 things that’ll help you maximize your Primitive Box experience. 1. Once you sign up for your subscription, you’ll get a weekly delivery of your meals unless you choose to skip a week or cancel your subscription. 2. We’ll always send you a weekly email reminder with the deadline to make any changes to your next order. Since there’s so much planning involved with shipping fresh meals every week, we need 5–6 days before your order goes out to make sure everything gets to you in tip-top shape.

How does the order and shipping process work?

After you place your first order, you’ll be charged in our system. Your meals will be prepared fresh for your delivery and packed up in our chilled boxes for shipping (which takes 1 or 2 days depending on your ZIP code). Our packaging is specifically tested to keep your meals cold for two full days of transit, plus twelve hours on your doorstep. As soon as your order is picked up by our delivery partners, you’ll receive a tracking email so you can keep an eye on your meals (and even sign up for notifications directly from the carrier). If you’re not home at the time of your delivery, the carrier will leave your box at your front door for when you return. If you live in an apartment building, your box may be left in the lobby or a communal mail area. As soon as you pick up your box you can unpack the meals and pop them in your fridge.

Why can't I get my meals delivered on a certain day of the week?

Since we use delivery partners to get your food to you, the days we offer are related to their shipping days and your location.

How often am I charged for my meals?

After you sign up and pay for your initial delivery, you’ll be charged every week about 5 to 6 days before the next delivery (when the order starts being processed). We’ll use the default credit card on your account but you can easily add a new credit card whenever you’d like. You won’t be charged when you: -Skip a week, since you wouldn’t be receiving meals that week. -Cancel your subscription. (If you reactivate, you’d start paying for your weekly orders again.)

When will I be charged next?

When you sign up and complete checkout, you’ll be charged for your first order, and we’ll send you an email with your deadline for skipping or editing your second order. This weekly deadline will be the date and time that you’ll be charged for your following deliveries. If you ever want us to confirm your deadline or help you skip a week, feel free to contact us.

What days of the week do you deliver?

We deliver Sunday through Saturday. The exact days that we can reach you will depend on your ZIP code and the carrier delivering your Primitive Box meals.


Shipping Area Map

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Need to contact us?

P: 866-931-9412


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